This artwork is one of the most unique ones I have created. It is also one of my first digital artworks (using Procreate). Before creating this, I had an art block and was also feeling restricted with my usual painting style. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, hence, I asked for a word from my dad, to create an artwork based off of that. This helped me think outside the box, and broaden my skills. Overall, it is one of my favourites.

“At all cost”

“At all cost” is an artwork that tells a small story. The dragon has been set with the task of protecting the orb at all cost. The bright, vibrant background is a representation of fire and burning with only the dragon, the orb and the rock left. This is also an oil painting, which I created by looking at a dragon figurine, when I was 12.

“Lord Ganesha”
“Evening time”
“Glass bottles”

This was created 2 years ago, when I was 13, and is one of my first proper oil paintings. It took over 12 hours, as it required a lot of small details (especially on the wings). I had a lot of fun painting this, because I have always been fascinated by butterflies, and creating this, helped me understand more about their anatomy.

“Rocky Outcrop”

This is an oil painting based on a picture taken in a rocky scenery in Canberra. I painted this last year (when I was 14 years old). Each rock has a unique structure to it, with different textures and colours too. There was a lot of detail in the rocks such as the algae, cracks and shadows that were cast. This painting took a few hours and I enjoyed painting it.

“Autumn leaves”

An oil painting of a pile of autumn leaves. I wanted to capture the different environment and vibrant colours of the beautiful fall season. What better way of doing that, other than painting the autumn leaves? All the leaves have a unique shape and are never just one colour. I have done a few of these in different mediums, but this is definitely one of my favourites.