Don’t give to get

Have you ever had a situation where you give a special person the gift that they’ve always wanted for their birthday, and you expect the same from them for your birthday but all they give you is a small gift card or maybe just a b’day card? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been through that situation.

You’ve basically just set high hopes and when you don’t get what you hoped for, it can be a little harsh. Cause you’ve giving the other person everything they’ve ever wished for but in return when you don’t get what you thought you deserved, you can be disappointed. You feel like they’ve made mistake. Right??

Well try to rethink. It doesn’t always have to be their fault. If you did rethink the right way- putting the other person on top of us, you would have thought it was your mistake. Because it is. You shouldn’t have had high hopes or expected the biggest surprise of your life.

Why not?

What if s/he is in a difficult situation? Like their parents working day and night and not having any time to take your friend shopping for the right birthday gift? This is one of the most common things that can happen. Next time, put yourself in the other person’s shoes.


Maybe the other person doesn’t know what to get you and doesn’t just want to get you a small card. In this situation, they might just get you a gift card. Thinking that with that, you can get a gift for yourself.

Seeking Revenge

Just because you didn’t get what you expected from the other person, doesn’t mean you get them smallest birthday card for their birthday, even if you had so much time to shop for their gift (doing it on purpose). If you do this, that is called revenge.

Even though the other person didn’t do it on purpose, you did.


Think about it. It is OK to be upset or disappointed, but if you really think, you will know how to react the right way.

Be happy

Always try to be happy with what you’ve got. Some people don’t have homes or enough food or clothing. Just imagine how happy they would be is they got the smallest $10s worth gift card?

Be happy and thankful about what you’ve got and try to make the best out of it.

If you’re a person who gives, just to get, try to change. Giving something to someone which surprises them and put a smile on their face, also put a smile on yours. Have you ever noticed?

Giving is definitely not for getting. Do you think so too?

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