The Reaction

“Girls!” he calls in excitement. Mum and I are the busiest women on the earth. My dad calling us together can only mean one thing, his new blog. “Girls! Come in here. Sit here with me.” Every time I see him like this, I say to him, “Wipe that grin off your face!” I don’t mean to be harsh but his face is always bright after finishing a blog.

The procedure
Every time dad calls us in, mum and I follow a procedure. Listen to him read out loud his newly finished blog, hang in there until he finishes. Then we comment. While we comment on his latest “Essay”, his eyes try to catch our reaction. His eyes slowly, carefully peep out of his computer monitor, like Bugs bunny trying to sneak out of his burrow. Our reaction can go two ways.

‘A’ OK!
My reaction depends on whether I’m exposed to the cruel world of viewers, or I’m looked up to. When dad quotes, “All thanks to my daughter for showing me how to…”, I always give him a big thumbs up. Mum is mostly nice to give him a smile.

No way Jose!
When I’m exposed, I pull out a tantrum and plead him to change it. My secret weapon is to do the puppy dog face which my dad always falls for. Well, my darkest secret isn’t dark or a secret anymore.

No matter what, my dad always finds my reaction interesting. I would like to say the same about him but I’m not going to.

The Procedure (Dad trying to blog)
Always laying on his back while blogging. He never sits upright. (One of the main reasons why his blogs are amazing.) He likes to take things easy and likes to relax. He gets his MacBook out and puts his password in. Then starts to gathers notes. He says, “Always draft before you craft.” When I write blogs, I never gather notes. I like to go with the flow but dad doesn’t get that.

Mum’s part in the madness of blogging
My mum is really special. She loves checking out my blogs and supports me. She isn’t usually pleased when dad’s blogging though. She wants him to help her out with cleaning the house. (Let’s just say hypothetically, dad and I are party animals and trash the house.) After I finish my blog, I ask my parents to join me, unlike my dad who is always so excited. After reading the blog, my mum says to dad, “ When are you going to blog like her?

3 thoughts on “The Reaction

  1. Sowmya, thanks for sharing your dad’s blogging process. Like your mom said, he has someone to look up to while he is blogging 😁


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